Bonded magnets

Bonded magnets consist of hard magnetic powder and a non-magnetic polymer or rubber binder, which processed through Injection, molded and made from NdFeB, hard ferrite smco, alnico or a combination of the two. Bonded magnets can be divided into compression-molded magnets and injection molded magnets according to its processing. Compression molded magnets use a solid binder and isotropic end material, which can offer higher magnetic strength than injection, molded magnets due to their higher magnetic particle density. Epoxy is the most common material for binder, which is resistant to industry solvent and automotive fluids and reduce corrosion of rare earth magnetic materials. Compression molded magnets are cost effective due to its low tooling charge which are appropriate for bulk production. Injection molded magnets are made by mixing magnetic materials(normally NdFeB,ferrite,smco,alnico) with a polymer binder (normally nylon or PPS) which allows magnets to be injection molded and gives a greater variety of shapes compared to compression molded one. They are distinguished for a wide variety of physical and magnetic characteristics, good tolerance, high tensile strength and well suited for mass production